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22 March
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My name is Katie. I'm 15. I go to Divine Child High School. I'm on the varsity bowling team and the JV track team. I like cows, kiwis, photography, computers, angsty music, and a whole lot of other stuff. Just read my "intrerests" section thing below. I mean, that is why it's there after all. I'm extrememly claustrophobic. I am also afraid of death, science teachers, and garden gnomes. If you care to know more, then add me.

BUT don't befriend me if:
-U ALwAYz tYpE LYke DiS
-You like labeling people (i.e. Geek, Nerd, Goth, Prep, Punk, Poser, etc etc.....)
-You are homophobic (aka you are scared of or have tendencies to offend gays/lesbians/bisexuals)
-You make fun of people who self harm, have eating disorders, are depressed, etc.
-If you're just a mean or rude person.
-You are a bad troll.

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Self-Injury: You are NOT the only one.

Monday, March 1, 2004 is SI Awareness Day.

"We are male and female. We are artists, athletes, students, and business owners. We have depression, DID, PTSD, eating disorders, borderline personalities, bipolar disorder, or maybe no diagnosis at all. Some of us were abused, some were not. We are straight, bi, and gay. We come from all walks of life and can be any age. We are every single race or religion that you can possibly think of. Our common link is this: We are in pain. We self-injure. And we are not freaks."

© You're not crazy. ©

Bipolar Disorder: You're not alone.

Thursday, October 9, 2003 is Bipolar Disorder Awareness Day.

I will not stand for this
Everyone Feels This Pain
Show your support

It affects everyone
It doesn't discriminate
Show that it has affected you too

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Mental Illness: People Say I'm Crazy.
October 3rd through 9th 2004 is Mental Illness Awareness Week. 

Marriage is love.


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Crossdressing Playing Dress Up is still fun.
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Mall Trips Are Fun Love
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Louis Is Creepy Hotness Love.
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Tang Soo Do Is Martial Art Love
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Pikachu Is Adorable Electric Mouse Love.
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